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Welcome to lindemannLOVE. It's a community where Till Lindemann lovers of any kind come and obsess over the man. Doesn't matter if you admire his lyrics or just wanna have his baby, if you are a fan of Till Lindemann, this is a great community for you. :) It is the FIRST and so far ONLY Till Lindemann community out there. Wanna feel special? =3 JOIN!

Firstly however...a few rules, okie-day? :)

1>> No harrassing other members.

uh...wait...that's the only rule ;) Be nice to each other okay? If I see any problems, I'll be quick to pull the plug on the culprit.

btw, this community is run by silverbird94. So talk to me if you have any thoughts. Also, if you join my community and I don't think you're a complete lunatic, I'll probably add you to my friends list :) I'm so goddamn friendly...WHO WANTS TO TOUCH ME!? =)

Anyway, that's all. Feel the love of Lindemann ;)

feel free to put this banner on your userinfo and/or website to show your love :) You can directly link it, I don't care =3 Please link it back to this community though. Thanks!