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ehhh...little help here?

Alright, I havent read through any entries or done any research into it because I'm too lazy and it will only distract me more from what I'm supposed to be doing (homework).

Could someone please clear something up? Is Till gay?

shuddup wolviechickie ;)
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He hasn't said, so noone really knows. I like to think he is, but that's just me. It's the whole female competition thing... Lol!

But, honestly, I don't know. Don't think anyone except himself knows.
I don't believe so. He wouldn't have 4 kids (meaning he slept with a woman or two to have them) then hehe ;)
I think he donated his sperm to secret underground labs and they created little Lindemann's to take over the world!

wherever you go, there could be a Lindemann about...

I'm in a weird mood today. XD Heheheheh.
He's definetely NOT gay. I saw an interview with him where he pretended to be gay with Christoph as a joke, and then made sure that the audience realized that he really wasn't.
And what's this about him having four kids? I thought he only had two. (I might be wrong)
Two that most ppl know of...but you know he has a thang for groupies...and I've heard he doesn't like condoms. Bad boy! ;)

I'd carry his illegitimate love child any day!! XD
LOL sad to say, I second that! And I honestly don't beleive in bringing more people into the world. But dang it if one night with Till wouldn't be worth throwing my hate for the world out the window! lol
lol. oh yeah. I heard he's like a walking STD.
I don't think he is...unless he had tendencies that he's not admitting to. But in an interview, it was said that all the homoerotic stuff they are famous for is partly because...there are just no women in the group. They have men...so that's what they use. Y'know...when life gives you lemons, make gay innuendo! :P